Ryan Frantz
Concierge: He Knows What's Up
Nagios doesn't monitor my applications. I covered that a few weeks ago. I need something to glue all of my current (and future) monitoring solutions into an interface that describes the state of my applications. To that end, I've started work on a project I've named Concierge.

Project Goals

My goals with this project are simple:

Design Choices

To get this project off the ground, I made specific design choices. The following is from the project's README:

Perl Dancer

This project uses Perl Dancer. I'm best at Perl. Perl Dancer is based on the Sinatra project.


SQLite is fast and simple, two things I really want this project to be.

Table Names

The table names I selected are singular. I usually prefer plural table names in designing tables (the content makes up a collection of the thing the table is named for), but I also like simple code. So, to serve the latter, I use singular table names to make my code simpler.


I have much work to do. The current state of this project is very alpha. It's not ready for production and isn't being delivered via a web server (like Apache or Nginx) just yet. I may also port this to Ruby and take advantage of Sinatra.

In the meantime, I'll continue to build on the project and update it as often as I can.

Finally, at this time, I plan to use Stashboard, by Twilio, to display application status information. That may change in the future.