Ryan Frantz


I am a product-oriented engineering manager. My multifaceted career has been driven by the desire to close the distance between my engineering work and the customer experience.

From my time as a sysadmin starting 25 years ago, during my web operations experience at e-commerce and fintech companies, while designing systems to operate reliably at scale, through crafting engineering teams and processes to deliver software and systems I have learned to combine people management, knowledge of scalable infrastructure, and product development into one clear mission statement: engineering is the product.

Whether shepherding a complete rewrite of the frontend and backend for a 1-million user (MAU) web consumer app, designing a new SaaS product’s operational footprint to scale from day one, or shipping enhanced testing solutions to streamline developer experience I distill business strategy into engineering direction and deliver delightful products for customers.


Lumos Labs - Engineering Director

10/2020 - Present

Jeli, Inc. - Co-founder and CTO

8/2019 - 9/2020

Bloomberg, L.P. - Senior Software Engineer

3/2017 - 8/2019

Etsy, Inc. - Staff Operations Engineer

1/2013 - 3/2017

Conifer Health Solutions (Tenet Healthcare) - Technical Services Director

1/2004 - 1/2013

Ebix Health - Senior System Administrator

10/1998 - 1/2004


Conference Presentations

I am fascinated by the prospect of people using computers to augment their activities during incidents. I’ve given several presentations on tooling I’ve built to support on-call engineers, alert design, and how we might apply concepts from Cognitive Systems Engineering to improve the state of the art.

Blog Posts

I write occasionally. These are some samples of my posts.

Open Source Software

I’ve open-sourced a few tools I hoped might be useful to others.