Ryan Frantz
(Over-) Communication
I stood in as chair of a recent committee meeting at work and had the misfortune of doubling as the secretary, tasked with noting and writing up the meeting's minutes. For convenience, I recorded the meeting so that I could transcribe it later. Worse than the tedium of the transcription was listening to myself! I couldn't stand listening to my voice drone on. I found that I often repeated myself, albeit in new and novel ways, in an attempt to either influence a discussion or hammer an idea home in the minds of my unfortunate peers.

I shared this bit of introspection with my boss and a small grin grew on his face. He simply replied, "I know. You also say 'generally speaking' a lot." Generally speaking, he was right.

Since then I have vowed to make my points concisely. And only once. Over-communicating is just as bad as under-communicating; folks start to tune you out and your message is never heard.

Generally speaking, that's a bad thing.