Ryan Frantz
Learning in the Open

I enjoy writing. It helps me lock in things I’m learning by requiring me to understand them well enough to discuss them in my own words. The more I write, the more I make connections between ideas and view the world through an holistic lens. By publishing I am learning in the open where, hopefully, others may read and offer feedback. In those cases are opportunities to learn more.

I was thinking recently that I wish I wrote more frequently, more consistently. When I reflect on why I haven’t, it hasn’t been for lack of ideas; I read widely and often, taking notes as something seems interesting, relevant, or counter to something I think I already know. So what, then, keeps me from writing? It’s a desire to have a “complete” idea for a piece.

I’ve set a bar so arbitrary that even I can’t define where it begins or ends. This is even more silly when I acknowledge that thoughts and ideas are constantly evolving. So, given some murky barrier to entry and a constantly morphing body of information in my mind, it’s a wonder I’ve ever managed to publish anything!

Starting with this post, I am challenging myself: I will attempt to write at least one post per week. I will write whether I think an idea is complete or partial. Chances are that nearly everything I will write (and have written) is partial in nature. I reserve the right to return to topics and update them as I learn more.

In this way truly will I be learning in the open.