Ryan Frantz
DevOps at Etsy
At this year's PICC, I sat in on Michael Rembetsy's (@mrembetsy) DevOps talk. I thoroughly enjoyed the session for two reasons:
  1. It affirmed for me that I'm heading in the right direction in my own organization, with respect to bridging development and operations.
  2. I recognized I've got a lot more work to do and I learned about new tools to help me get there (i.e. exposing what's happening with our applications and systems to the developers).
I was inspired by Mike's overview of the DevOps culture at Etsy and began researching them more to understand how they do what they do. Mike mentioned the leadership from John Allspaw and I came across this 3-year old presentation:

10 Deploys per Day
It's still relevant today.

In all, Mike's session energized me to continue forward and keep fighting the good fight. Hoo-rah!